Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sorry it's taken a few days to get these together! We had a great Easter. The weather this weekend was just fabulous. It was strange to have the girls going to church in sundresses and just a sweater...usually it's winter coats! You might remember that last Easter we were still able to sled through the back yard!

On Saturday morning, we had breakfast with the Easter bunny at the Elementary school. Sophie was just a little shy and wanted EJ with her, but she gave the bunny a big hug.

On Easter morning, the girls woke up and couldn't find any eggs or their baskets anywhere!

Finally, Sophie spied some eggs out on the porch!

She found her basket in the corner of the dining room:

EJ was getting a little concerned, because she couldn't find hers anywhere!

Finally, she realized it was in the washing machine!

For breakfast, we had K's homemade sticky buns!

After church. The forsythia is in full bloom now.

Sophie enjoyed some time with her vehicles in the driveway on Saturday.

Coloring eggs on Friday night: